All Weather Vinyl and Adhesive
Cache4u Black "GAFFA" Tape
Strong Webbing Tape with
All Weather Strong Adhesive.
Handy Roll size  5yd
ONLY 1.00
NEW Cache4u Self Adhesive
Fabric CAMO Tape
50mm wide x 4.5m Long
Light Camo or Dark Camo
ONLY 1.50 a Roll
Waterproof Cache Stickers

High Grade Vinyl and Adhesive
Will Not Fade or Peel off
Small 25p each Out of Stock
Medium 35p each
Large 50p each
8 Page waterproof paper logs stainless steel and GRP... Unique to Cache4u
Cache4u Standard 8 Page Log
Waterproof Paper with Pencil
and Zip Loc Bag.
Plenty of space for 100+ entries
ONLY 50p each 

Zip Seal Water proof bags.
Thin enough to cram in
small containers.
100mm x 80mm
ONLY 10p each

Cache4u Log Spooler
The EASY way to Roll your log sheets.
especially useful for fiddly
Nano size logs
Stainless Steel and GRP
Unique to cache4u
ONLY 1 each
3mmx3mm Neodymium Magnet
Great for Nanos especially 2ml FT
20p each
6mmx3mm Neodymium Disc
Push fit into 2ml ST Tubes
50p each
10mmx5mm Neodymium Disc
Will hold most containers in place
1 each


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